Chiropractic Testimonials

"She gave me my life back- without surgery!"

- Annette O. Evans

"I saw my primary care physician who prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxers.....I could not walk at all. Now, I have pain relief and a higher energy level.....The TLC that came (free) with the treatment helps the healing process."

- Andrea Norkus

"Before, I was tired and sore [I] didn't want to walk much. Now, I've got good energy and am able to work in the yard without discomfort."

- Karen Konopacki

"Mom loves Dr. Leslie. She is great with seniors!"

- Mick Linquist - Son of Wendy, 69

"The doctor works miracles!!"

- Matilda Kelly, 88

"I feel good when I come here."

- Alex Britto, 15

"My pain doctor suggested I see Dr. Leslie. I had already tried traditional procedures…facet joint blocks, epidural steroid injections, sacroiliac joint injections, trigger point injections, disc fusion surgery and medications. The cost of these procedures was just short of $200,000….I have been seeing Dr. Leslie for four months now and my health has dramatically improved. I am very happy and surprised that this type of chiropractic care doesn't hurt....I cannot thank Dr. Leslie enough for giving me back a huge part of my life. I used to feel like a prisoner in my own body with life revolving around the next does of pain medication…she has given me hope for the future and possibility of a life without pain."

-J. Strenger

"I was referred to her by my massage therapist for my lower back pain, sciatic nerve and leg pain. Now some days are pain free while others are bearable. I've needed much less pain relievers… Dr. Leslie has greatly improved the quality of my life."

- P. Henderson

"I came in due to tense and tight back and neck pain as well as allergies…I was taking Zyrtec D twice daily and prescription nasal spray for adult onset allergies and surprisingly I no longer take any allergy meds!"

- Piotrowski

"I had heard that Dr. Leslie was an excellent chiropractic doctor and I came in for constant neck pain and it has improved 100%!"

- M. Bresson

"I've got good energy and am able to work in the yard without discomfort in my feet. We travel 60 miles just for her care!"

- K. Konopacki


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